Saturday, August 23, 2008

22nd August Issue

Its the season of 2's on Dulhann. This past week saw the 2nd-husband track end and the 2nd-wedding track begin for Amar-Divya. And soon the 2nd entry of Bharat into the Singh Mansion. So while there's plenty in store for the upcoming week, let's look at some of the gems that came our way this past week.


Raksha bandhan, Sindoora-scheming, and unpacking - all in one mighty stylish scene. Bharat's bubble-gum pink silk shirt is a statement in itself. Like it or leave it, the message is clear: real men DO wear pink! The real scene stealer, however, was Divya who appears to be absorbing Bharat's confidence along with his colour sense. For those looking for change from the 'Vidya' look - this vivacious pink polka-dot print saree definitely screams Divya. Definitely a step in the right direction. Next step - tie the saree a little differently. Last step - open the hair.

The return of Divya. It was a breath of fresh air - Divya with hair open, wearing a night suit, flirting in English. This scene was a brief reminder of the Amar-Divya viewers fell in love with. Classic A-D.

How can one possibly exclude mention of the proposal? This black-tie dinner was the prelude for the upcoming week's festivities. Amar, sporting a black "gentleman" self-striped suit, white-on-white shirt/tie, and huge dimples looked completely at home in his attire and the setting; while Divya was warm and lovely in her blue-green and gold sequinned saree, making this one of the most charming scenes between the duo thus far. Happy, charming and uniquely Amar-Divya.


What is going on with Chachi? Massage therapy resulting in age reduction rather than weight loss. Very strange and pointless. However, if they're not careful, Chachi may just end up look younger than Divya!


Amar is wearing chocolate brown (jacket) in a scene this week. While this shade of brown is completely trendy and looks very flattering on Sharad, neither Amar nor Sagar ever wore it. What a pleasant surprise. Let's hope we see a repeat of both the colour and the casual style again soon.


The last few weeks have seen Divya wearing light-fabric printed sarees with applique borders. This style is a definite departure from Vidya's solid and shaded sarees, setting Divya slightly apart. So far, there have been a lot of subtle polka-dots and booti motifs, but it will be interesting to see how far Divya experiments with the prints. Here are a few examples of this trend in action.

  • Development of Aditi's style and character (finally)
  • Changes in Bharat's style because of his entry in the Singh Mansion
  • Divya's confidence and style boost as she starts winning some battles
  • Lots of wedding and party wear!

Monday, August 18, 2008

15th August Issue

With changing personalities, new characters, and storyline twists there's lots of styling going on BMTD. This time, it's the men that win out while the leading ladies play it safe. Here's a quick look at last week's highlights.THE UPs
Amar is high styling with his Executive Class Boardroom attire. Classic suits in solid colors paired with color-on-color shirt/tie combos make for one stylish businessman. Quite the departure from Sagar's casual workwear of jeans & sports jackets. Added bonus - Sharad's hair is reaching an interesting length, where it starts to have a personality of its own - upping Amar's style quotient considerably. So, while Amar isn't saying all that much these days, his style is saying it all!

The introduction of Bharat with the stylish full suit & open shirt look has been impressive to say the least. Black silk shirts, loosely-styled suits, plus all the trimmings put Bharat over the top in terms of raw style appeal. Plus, the messy hair look gives this dark angel a vulnerability that is oh-so-appealing. Two thumbs up!
Viren's black velvet cutout leopard-like jacket which he wears frequently seems to be standard issue villain wear. Well, along with Samrat's African safari attire.

This is the third sighting of the red-and-gold all-purpose bridal festivities saree seen exclusively during religious fasting occasions. This just goes to show that even sarees and their blouses have a karmic destiny. This particular saree has shown up in 2006, 2007, 2008 and is destined to reappear again in 2009. The pictures below are SVs first karva chaut (left), Shivratri after S recovers (centre), ADs first Teej (right).

Aditi's introduction failed to make style impact, however, there is plenty of room for us to be surprised. No doubt her innocent charm will find its way into our hearts but lets hope we can say the same about her style.

Divya's question mark bindi says it all! When will Divya stop looking like Vidya? Lovely sarees, fun blouses, new color combos and accessories, but the look is unmistakeably Vidya. It might be a while before we get a fresh, young look for Divya but until then, she is still one mighty adorable gal!

Till next time...