Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Top 5 Lessons from the Bharat-Aditi Mehndi

It's the time of second marriages on Dulhann. After Amar's impromptu hitching to Gauri, we have the Bharat-Aditi Mehndi Ceremony. As we are all suspect Bharat & Aditi will NOT get married this time around - alas, they are not as quick as Amar - we shall have to make do with the Mehndi ceremony.

Highlights of the ceremony... Bharat (Mohit) looking dashing in a red and gold silk sherwani. Wait, didn't we see the same kurta on Sharad earlier in the track? Hmmm...can we say cost-cutting? Well, both gentlemen looked dashing in any case!

Additi (Shamin) matched Bharat to the tee in full-on red saree with elaborate jewellery and tikka. The two certainly were a vision together.

But that's where the buck stops my friends. The rest of the ceremony looked like a lack luster, quickly thrown together affair, as opposed to the wedding that Divya had always wanted to throw for her nephew/brother-in-law. But not an entire loss. Here's what we can all learn from this affair:

  1. Spend more than Rs.200 to decorate the venue. A few lights, some streamers, decorative flowers. Something "I didn't just pull this all together yesterday."
  2. Expand the guest list. Invite people you actually know to the ceremony, not just your mausi's friends who will dance around you. Maybe a male friend or two - and the 'Baba' who is taking care of your home and brought you up. Consider expanding the guest list past 5 people.
  3. Invest the money in a good DJ who can play dhin-chak Bollywood numbers at the party.
  4. Get RSVP from close family - like Amar - who is willing to dance to the dhin-chak Bollywood numbers in #3. Ask Divya bhabhi. If not, hire people from other serials to dance for you.
....and the number one lesson to be learned.....
  1. NEVER EVER invite your first (and current) husband to your second (illegal) marriage!

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